Acupuncture Treatment

For our fellow Tucson residents as well as patients around the world,  an Acupuncture treatment plan will bring relief for many conditions including blood pressure therapy, Rheumatoid Arthritis pain, Insomnia, migraines and more.

In traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is linked to the belief that disease is caused by disruptions to the flow of energy, or qi, in the body. It stimulates points on or under the skin called acupuncture points or acupressure points, releasing this qi. The qi then travels through channels called meridians.

acupunctureHistorically, treatments date back to at least 100 B.C. when an organized system of diagnosis and treatment using needles was first described in writing in China. However, the practice likely precedes this written history.

For blood pressure therapy, regular acupuncture treatments help to regulate blood pressure up or down to safe levels, therefore decreasing the risk of stroke, peripheral artery disease, heart failure etc in patients suffering from HTN. Acupuncture treatments can also be a great alternative for patients who dislike taking medications or cannot tolerate antihypertensive medications due to their potential side effects.

For those suffering from Arthritis pain, acupuncture is a terrific method to obtain relief. Acupuncture points that provide Rheumatoid Arthritis pain relief are located throughout the body.

Having trouble sleeping? Over time, sleeping pills can cause even more harm than good. Many sleeping pills are anticholinergic drugs which are linked to memory loss and dementia leaving patients searching for a drug-free treatment for insomnia.

If you suffer from sleep problems and would like a drug free solution, consider acupuncture. According to the British Acupuncture Council, reviews show that most trials have found acupuncture to be significantly more effective than hypnotic drugs and prove to have a positive effect on individuals with insomnia.

By releasing pain killing neurotransmitters, acupuncture decreases muscle tension, relieves stress and balances hormones that in excess or deficiency can trigger a headache. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) supports acupuncture for migraines and other types of headaches.

In an official report, Acupuncture: Review and Analysis of Reports on Controlled Clinical Trials, the World Health Organization (WHO) has listed the following symptoms, diseases, and conditions that have been shown through controlled trials to be treated effectively:


  • low back pain
  • neck pain
  • sciatica
  • tennis elbow
  • knee pain
  • periarthritis of the shoulder
  • sprains
  • facial pain (including craniomandibular disorders)
  • headache
  • dental pain
  • temporomandibular (TMJ) dysfunction
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • induction of labor
  • correction of malposition of fetus (breech presentation)
  • morning sickness
  • nausea and vomiting
  • postoperative pain
  • stroke
  • essential hypertension
  • primary hypotension
  • renal colic
  • leucopenia
  • adverse reactions to radiation or chemotherapy
  • allergic rhinitis, including hay fever
  • biliary colic
  • depression (including depressive neurosis and depression following stroke)
  • acute bacillary dysentery
  • primary dysmenorrhea
  • acute epigastralgia
  • peptic ulcer
  • acute and chronic gastritis

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